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Just when everyone thought that Sims 3 is the ultimate thing in gaming, Sims 4 is here to give us more surprises if Sims 4 reviews are anything to go by. This version is a combination of revolutionary Sims, magnificent creative tools, easily accessible Sims 4 digital download and new-fangled emotion-based game play that has brought a new level of intelligence in gaming. There are three that are at the center of emotional intelligence; presence of emotions, ability to multitask and new technologies.

Presence of emotions

By now, you must have heard that Sims 4 will have emotions. The exciting news is that there will be a wide range of emotions and that these emotions will influence the behavior of the Sims such as walking style. This time Sims will be bored, get stressed, angry, playful, frustrated, jealous, confident, focused, and inspired, and 14 other emotions. The feelings will dictate how Sims behaves. For instance, a Sims can paint when angry, take a treadmill to burn energy or walk and talk with another Sims when having romantic feelings. The most hilarious part is the different walk styles inspired by these emotions. Not all emotions will come with a walk style. However, we can expect swagger, snooty, perky and default styles as some of the ways of expressing feelings.

Ability to multitask

Imagine Sims that can walk and talk at the same time! This is exciting. No Sims has been able to multitask in the past. Sims 4 news indicates that it will be able to multitask. Sims 2 and 3 could allow you to have dinner, watch and talk to other Sims at the same time. It is exciting to know that this gaming will allow you to multitask. They will be able to walk and talk at the same time. One of the fans said that he could not wait to see two Sims talking to one another while walking home from a romantic dinner date. This is so creative!

New technologies

Sims 4 is built on a foundation of fresh technologies known as SmartSim. So far, this Sims 4 is the most relatable, intelligent and simulation of personal life ever. As a player, your choice will not just shape a single moment, but the whole life expedition of the Sims. Sim 4 cd keys are easily available when you are stuck. However, what is more exciting about Sims 4 is its ability to evoke the creativity of the player. This latest version has a new Create-A-Sim technology with 18 touch points for all Sim 4 feathers. Here, you can push, drag or pull to configure the Sim into your fascination shape. Yes, and you can pull it to different heights too! What more, you can play with your spouse and friends.

It’s 2014 and Sims 4 is certainly here with us! This Sims 4 review by the producers will be a source of fascination. Interactions between Sims have heavily focused on with characters displaying more emotion realistic awareness of their environment. They can interact in groups rather than couples which creates relatable and recognizable scenarios expected in a simulator.

Since the last main entry in this series, there has been a lot of progress then and the big thing that has been brought to the Sims 4 is the idea of emotional interactions with other Sims.  It’s about bringing those emotions to life and intelligent ways notes graham Nardon.  In fact, the producers are bringing over all the elements that people love and imaging them in new ways. All in all, these are some of the things that have been carried over to review Sims 4 digital download from previous makes although some elements have remained the same.

There was need to make some of the previous tools which have been very powerful   in order to make Sims 4 feathers more approachable,  while at the same time maintaining all the power.  You can now go into Create-A-Sim and all you will be doing is to push, pull, poke and grab changes your Sim and this is quite tactile.  This direct manipulation is exactly the same thing with the Build Mode where all you do is to grab a room and drag out the sides of it, you can pick it up, drop it down, and everything will move with it.

Another interesting feature is being able to mould your Sims and creating them in the way you wish for instance you can give one a long nose, of course if you are the fancy type. You can also yank out the nose and then put some little crook in it and it will twist down a little to give it an evil-like look. One of the aspects users love about Sims is the fact that you can get quite cruel if you wish so.

Sims 4 news reveal that they have this new technology called SmartSims and a big part of it is its conversations. The makers further notes that when one is talking to you and you look at them it makes sense, and this was not the case before.  That instant connection when talking to someone creates many group dynamics, which is the idea behind these Sims in relation to life.  They simulate life in believable ways. Sims 4 cd keys are easily available for any mechanical problems. This is absolutely cool!

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Many people are wondering how different Sims 3 will be different from Sims 4. Sims 3 is a revolution and you can expect a number of improvements in terms of graphics, customization, intelligence, and gameplay. You need to update to Sims 4 a number of reasons as per the Sims 4 reviews.

Emotions: It is not just Sims 3 that lacked emotions, all the Sims have lacked this exciting aspect. Sims 3 only allowed the player expressions of anger or happiness. Sims 4 has a range of 14 emotions that also dictate the behavior and walk styles of the Sims. This is so cool!

New customization technologies: Sims 4 comes with two advanced technologies that were not available in Sims 3. First, there is the Create-A-Sim technology that will allow you to pull, push or drag any of the 18 points to allow you to sculpt your Sims. Sims 3 introduced various methods for designing homes and creating Sims. Sims 4 has made it even better as you can design various body types for your friends.

The build Mode technology of Sims 4 is also more advanced and exciting due to a new program called SmartSim. This program enables the players to drag and drop and create a new home with predesigned rooms. Building homes is more complicated than ever before in Sims 4,but making it more simplified for developers to build homes.

Ability to play on low-end computers: Sims 3 only allowed players to game in computers or laptops with advanced specs. Those with not-so-high specs had to contend with laggy gameplay or game crashes. Sims 4 according Sims 4 news will play in low-end and even older computers without lags or crashes. All you will need is Sims 4 digital download and you are good to go! Again, there will be premium and standard edition.

Expansion packs ideas: Sims 3 came with numerous expansion packs ideas, but expect more from Sims 4. The newest will be Amusement park, open for business, showtime (from Sims 3 will be retained and possibly made more fun), vacation life (an advancement of world adventures from Sims 3) and Into the country just to mention a few in the Sims 4 feathers. Single Player game, but no offline gaming available: probably you would have wished to have multiple player game, but unfortunately, the single player game has been retained. That is not enough reason not to upgrade to Sims 4. The good news is you can game play without an internet connection. Just like Sims 3 you may need to share things online, but not an internet connection to play. It will be also easy to get Sims 4 cd keys, therefore your technical problems are solved.

More realistic: Multitasking makes Sims 4 very realistic as you can create more rooms with different activities. It also makes parties more realistic.

sims 4 digital deluxe download

Video game fans have been anticipating the release of Sims 4 for some years now. Finally, in 2013, Sims 4 news about its development and release slotted for 2014, and as usual, there are numerous speculations on the online content of the game. There are 5 reasons why you should be excited about Sims 4.

1. Sims Will Have Emotions

Leave alone memories, feeling conversations, Sims 4 has real emotions. It is expected to have about 14 additional emotions (Sims 3 had only 2). Imagine a game that can feel depression, armoury, intense anger, and jealousy. To top it up, these emotional are accompanied by facial expressions, changes in moods and voice changes to make the emotions come to life. The Sims 4 features emotions dictate the behavior of the Sim as it engages in a corresponding activity such as painting to relieve anger or talk when in a romantic mood.

2. Sims Will Be Able To Multitask

Almost all the Sims that we have seen in the past cannot engage in more than one activity. Most of us have been fascinating with the idea of having Sims that can talk on phone and do laundry at the same time. Sims 4 is finally promising the ability to multitask. News release suggests that this new game will have sims that can walk and talk at the same time. You can start having all kinds of imaginations such as two chatting Sims from a date while walking home. This is going to be so cool! Now I know you just can’t wait to get your hands on those Sims 4 cd keys.

3. A Single-Player Game, with no need for Internet Connection to Play

Many fans have been wondering if the new game will have a multi-player mode. This will allow people to play Sims with friends or spouses for more fun. Unfortunately, this is not going to be the case. The game will keep it’s single-player format. However, you will not need the internet to play the game although you can share things online. So, no more server issues.

4. Sims 4 will be playable on lower  end laptops and computers

You need a top-of-the-line gaming computer with powerful specs to play Sims 3 smoothly. Most people always complain about crashes and laggy gameplay. Finally, you can enjoy The Sims 4 Premium Edition digital download even if you have a lower-end or basic PC. The game will have different editions –premium and standard. Do not forget that there are expansion packs such as amusement part, Showtime, vacation life, open for business and into the country.

5. An Updated Create-A-Sim And Build Mode

Sims 4 is expected to be more innovative than Sims 3. First, Sims 4 review hints at a new Create-A-Sim tool that will allow users more option to design the right sim. The tool will have 18 touch points allowing the players to drag, pull and push the Sim according to their liking. The touch points have different heights and shapes. The build mode has also been upgraded to a SmartSim program that offer players pre-designed rooms. These can be dragged and dropped to build a home.

The sims 4 is coming in September, EA offers 3 edition for sims 4 digital download. The Sims 4 standard edition,  The Sims 4 limited edition and The Sims 4 digital deluxe edition. In order to facilitate your purchase ,I’ll make a detail description for the different of each edition in this article:

The Content of The Sims 4 Limited Edition

Only include one pack : Life of the Party Digital Pack. This pack include: Features the Flaming Tiki Bar and spectacular party costumes. These items are simple digital item you can find it in playing sims 4 , they may not contain other special function, it is just a promotion item of EA, because of the same price as standard edition

The Content of The Sims 4 Premium edition

This edition include 3 pack : Life of the Party Digital Pack as described above ,Up All Night Digital Pack and Digital Soundtrack

the mainly difference pack is Up All Night Digital Pack it looks like a Magic pot on the Posters of EA, there may contains some special function which could make the energy of sims full , I guess though the name of this pack “Up All Night”

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wildstar scroll shot

Don’t you just love new things, especially new games? Most games nowadays tend to feel the same all around, but Wildstar promises to be a unique MMO game. While the actual game is expected to launch on June 3rd, if you have pre-ordered through a Wildstar prepaid card you will have access to the Wildstar digital download on May 31st. Nonetheless, there have been various beta-testing weekends where I have had the chance to try out the game, and I believe that all the hype around the game is more than justified.

In order to play the game, players will pay for 30-day subscriptions to the game. I called Wildstar unique because of an innovative system they have added to the game. Players can actually buy the 30-day Wildstar game card subscriptions as in-game items, or even exchange them for other items or in-game currency. The game’s theme revolves around a planet called Nexus. There are two factions, each made up of four races, conflicting over the ownership of the Planet.

The two factions include:

1.The Exiles
This is a group of outcasts, who have gone to seek refuge on Nexus, and they include humans, Aurin –tiny people who love nature, but their home was destroyed by the dominion, Mordesh – cursed scary looking people who are on Nexus trying to find a cure for the curse, and Granok – stone skinned creatures who were banished from their home by the Dominion.

2.The Dominion
They are a powerful empire which believes that they should be the only residents, and rightful owners of the Nexus planet. They also have four races; Namely the Cassian – look and act very similarly to humans, Chua – tiny creatures that look like mice whose job is to invent the dominion’s weapons, Draken – Scary looking savages who were meant to serve as warriors for the Dominion, and Mechari – Robotic inhabitants of the planet.

Furthermore, as a player you will have the chance to tweak almost every detail of your character. You can choose a gender, appearance, path (job), and the class (determines the characters ability and playing style). Wildstar has a very easy to use interface and fantastic graphics, but with a different look. Unlike most current MMO games that try too hard to look very human, Wildstar has a fun-looking cartoonish design.
Other fun features of Wildstar
• You have a house that is actually on a floating island. The house can be customized in hundreds of ways.
• You also get a fun and easy to use hoverboard other mounts.
• You can have a crafting expert design and customize weapons for you.

Wildstar promises to break the monotony that we have come to expect from these kinds of games. It is certainly worth the anticipation.

Have fun trying to conquer the Nexus!


The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game were released on March 14th while Dark Souls 2 PC version is scheduled for an April 25th release. If you are PC gamer then you should be running out of patience while waiting for PCs Dark Souls 2 digital download because the recent version of the game is a definite winner. Although there are hundreds of other RPG games out there, it is still among the most immersive you can lay your hands on.

What to expect

The game is very similar to Dark Souls 1, and even Demon’s Souls that came out before the former, albeit with some welcome improvements. If you aren’t familiar with Dark Souls, the game is about a cursed character that is thrown into a fictional land, Drangleic, where he is expected to defeat the creatures of the land in an attempt to reclaim his soul. To be honest, this is one of the most difficult RPG games around, and the unsurprisingly number of times that you have to die and the non-linear (gameplay does not follow a series) nature of the game does not make things easier.


Improvements from Dark Souls 1

Dark Souls 2 has a very engaging combat system and a graphically impressive environment. Just like the previous versions, you get very little information while playing the game, and it takes a lot of thinking to piece all of it together. One of the most notable improvements has to be the fact you can now be invaded by a Darkwraith even when you are hollow, previously you were only invaded while in human form. Seems the guys at From Software wanted to make it even harder to get through the game. Also each death now attracts a penalty, where a portion of health is lost whenever you revive. As a gamer, I certainly welcome this new challenge.

In the new installment there is a new awesome feature – the Key Mouth. This is where you can place some magical items with the sole purpose of changing the environment. Finally you can be able to alter the lighting condition in the darker areas. The developers were also able to solve one of the gripes I had with Dark Souls – the startling lack of a torch. Well, In Dark Souls 2 we finally have a usable torch. A rather small yet much needed change.



The latest game comes bundled with lots of new features, improvements, better graphics, and an irresistibly harder gameplay. These new additions make Dark Souls 2 a must have for RPG fans.

Dark Souls 2 system requirements

  • Minimum CPU requirements include a Core 2 Duo 3.16GHz processor with the recommended requirements for best performance being Core i3 3.1GHz.
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM but 4GB RAM recommended for flawless gameplay.
  • Graphics Card/GPU – Minimum requirement: Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT 512MB, Recommended: Nvidia GeForce GTX 465 or its equivalent.
  • Operating System – Minimum: Windows XP, Recommended: Windows 7 64 bit.



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Form a squad, head into battle, and engage in truly dynamic combat. As one of Zeus’ subjects, you need to react to varied objectives, and adapt to unscripted events on a constantly-evolving battlefield. Improvisation is your key to success.

MP Modes

Play Arma 3 Zeus across its distinctive ‘Game Master’ game type scenarios, where you start out with a blank canvas. Or visit familiar modes like ‘Coop’, ‘Team Death Match’, and ‘Sector Control’ in a completely new way. Zeus multiplayer also works with custom player-created scenarios.

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